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SEPA5 State of the Union – Fall 2013


Hey Everyone! Just wanted to update you on SEPA5. As you can see we haven’t updated the site, or emailed folks, in a while. I (Alex) was the only one doing this for a while, organizing on Camaro5, updating Facebook, updating the website, and emailing folks from the newsletter. I got busy earlier in the year, and was unable to really focus on doing these things. In my absence, fellow members took the initiative to keep meeting up, and they’ve been doing so by discussing it over on

The group is now meeting on a set date every month, in the same place every month. So, even if you don’t get an email from us or see an update here, you know when the meet is. The details are as follows:

Date: Last Sunday of Each Month

Trooper Starbucks
2630 Egypt Road
Norristown, PA 19403

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We will try to keep Facebook updated with notices and events as they come up. I’ve added some additional members to the Facebook page so they can manage it while I am not around.

This website will not be updated as much. Every so often, I’ll round up photos and stuff, and archive them. But not immediately before/after each meet. No meet date announcements will be done through this website. I suggest you like our Facebook page so you can keep informed on updates in the future.

If you are interested in going to meets, and seeing whats up with the group, the absolute best way to keep up is to visit the Camaro 5 NY/NJ/PA regional forum. Look for SEPA5 in the thread titles.

We will try to meet in October 2013, weather permitting. After that, we are probably on time-out until March 2014 or so. But, keep an eye on Facebook and to be sure.

Keep on enjoying those 5th Gens, see you on the road!


SEPA5 for 2013!

Just wanted to let folks know we are back for 2013! Keep an eye out for meets and other events over on Camaro5 and Facebook. You can also sign up for the newsletter. Feel free to leave us a note on Facebook, in the forums, or by emailing alex at sepa5 dot com.

SEPA5 Cars and Coffee 17

Here are some pics from the last official SEPA5 run of 2012. The crew did attend the covered bridge tour and some other things later in the year, but this was our last real deal meet. Meet, hang, look at cars, drink coffee, cruise to Sonic, awesome.

Oley Cruise In

Just a couple shots from the Oley Cruise In 2012. Only a couple of SEPA5 Members showed up, but some great shots of George’s ZL1!

SEPA5 Aerial Photos and Hooters Run

This was an awesome time, set up by Bill. SEPA5 members met up and took a pics from the top of a firetruck ladder! We topped it off with a run to Hooters. Can’t beat that for a weekend afternoon!

DVCC Riverfront 2012 – Camaro Pics!

Check out pics from the 8th Annual Delaware Valley Riverfront Camaro Show. The event took place on June 3rd down in Wilmington Delaware, featuring all generations of Camaros. The 5th gens represented!

This Weekend – 8th Annual Delaware Valley Riverfront Camaro Show!

The 8th Annual Delaware Valley Riverfront Camaro Show. This is a great event and lots of fun, if you have a Camaro but don’t get to hang much, this is the one you should try to make. Meet up info inside!

SEPA5 Cars and Coffee 16 Images (Cops & Rodders 2012)

Check out images from the Hempfield Cops and Rodders 2012 car show, also our SEPA5 Cars and Coffee 16 meet up!

Upcoming SEPA5 Meet Info

SEPA5 will be meeting up a couple times in the next few weeks. Check out all the details inside!

SEPA5 Cars and Coffee 15 Photos!

SEPA5 Cars and Coffee 15 Photos! Great way to kick off 2012. Nice turn out, lots of new faces, and an awesome drive to Sonic Drive In!